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At Glose, our mission is to create the future of reading in all its dimension

Whether it’s book discovery, interactions between readers, innovative solutions for authors, or the actual act of reading : we try to tackle all the opportunities to improve the way people read. Also, we just like to create cool stuff in and around books! Sometimes it’s just a week-end hackathon we do internally, sometimes it’s a long term projects with cutting edge technology and lots of R&D. In all cases, we love what we do, and we are happy to share the first projects we’ve been putting together to complement our work on the Glose platform.

for authors

Sign digital autographs for your readers anytime, anywhere

An app for authors who want to delight their readers and save time with digital book signings. If you are a book author, enable your readers to request a digital autograph from you when they purchase your book. Sign your ebooks with beautiful animated autographs on your iPhone or iPad anywhere, anytime, and let your readers share the fun on social media.

Embedded Ebook

Share your favorite book pages everywhere

A solution for readers, reviewers, and journalists to embark book extracts in their blogs and online reviews. We make sharing ebook extracts as easy as sharing Youtube videos online. Our embeddable ebook reader embarks readers’ highlights and annotations as well. Boost your book promotion with our solution!

Gif Quote

Say what you feel with a quote from a book

Gif Quote is an app that lets you share animated quotes from your favorite books. It’s quick, it’s fun, and it’s smart. You can express a feeling or a common expression by using an animated and illustrated quote. Also, add your photo to the animated quote you choose to surprise your friends with funny bits of inspiration!

Submit an idea!

If you have an idea of something we should build to better serve readers and authors, or if you want to build something with us, contact us here!!!

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