About us

We are a team of passionate readers and builders, dedicated to spreading the written word and making reading more efficient, personal, and social for everyone.

About us

Glose (n.): from the latin glosa or glossa, designates a handwritten annotation made in the margins or between the lines of a book, intended to clarify for the reader an obscure word or passage. By extension, it refers to any conversation, contribution, or debate around a piece of text.

Glose is the next-generation social reading platform where people can discover, read, highlight thousands of books, and engage with other readers through shared annotations. We make reading more fun, productive, and social with easy access on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Your books, progress, and highlights are always synchronized in real-time, so no thoughts or comments are ever lost.

Reading sparks emotions, ideas, knowledge, opinions. Whether you’re reading a novel for pleasure, an essay for work, or a textbook to study, books always feed your inspiration. At Glose, we are on a mission to help you keep that inspiration alive by allowing you to keep, share, and discuss those moments.

On Glose, reading becomes:

Diverse. We offer 300,000 books from the world’s largest publishers ranging from New York Times bestsellers to new releases, literary classics, business books, educational textbooks, and much more. Browse our catalog, discover books through your friends, or dive into one of the recommendations from our team or authors. The more you read and share, the smarter we get at recommending your next favorite book.

Efficient. Whenever you feel inspired by a sentence of paragraph, you can highlight it with one touch and archive it in your profile forever. We automatically save all your best quotes for you, so that you never forget what’s important in the books you read.

Social. Build your profile on Glose and follow other readers to see what books they read. Find an intriguing quote while reading? Tap it and share it on social networks through beautiful quote cards. Inspire other people with the best of what you like in books.

Interactive. Spark or join a conversation about the books you love. On Glose, you can annotate the books you read by writing in the margins. You can add text, weblinks, photos, and videos. You can also see other readers’ annotations and engage with them in interesting conversations.

Risk-free. On Glose, you can start reading any book for free, and then decide if you want to buy it. You can also upload your DRM-free e-books on our platform to read them on our beautiful reading interface. Or just pick one of our many great literary classics for free to get things started at absolutely no cost.

Glose is available for Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, as well as on the web. You can read offline when you’re commuting, or if you’re stuck in a cave, desert, or planet with no broadband.

Get started and join the conversation at Glose.com.

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We are at your service any time : feel free write to us at hello@glose.com.
You can also connect on AngelList, Facebook or Twitter.
Glose is hiring! If you care about creating products that will change the way we read, take a look at our jobs page!

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