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Shared annotations allow you to connect with like minded readers and discover their explanations, creativity, or opinions. We’re building communities of readers who share knowledge through ebooks.

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Partner at Google Ventures
“It’s like a next-generation ebook reader, but very social. It’s going to be pretty awesome!”
Founder & CEO of Path
“I love the app.
Ditching my Kindle now.”
Founder of Blogger, Twitter, Medium
“Glose is interesting! Trying to do something quite hard but cool.”
Co-Founder & CEO of Codecademy
“Glose makes every book a conversation. It brings books, and the discussion around them, to wherever I am.”
Head of Social Media at CNN & Senior Director of Strategy
“Just like news, book reading is destined to become more social. Glose are pioneering this space with an amazing product. Making long form reading more personal, social, and also more productive.”

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