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Nicolas Princen

@NPrincen CEO - Product, Publisher Deals,
& Head Cook.

Nicolas served as Chief Digital Strategist for 2 French presidential campaigns in 2007 (victory!) and 2012 (defeat :() - pioneering the space of citizen participation, direct communications and community building through digital tools. At age 25, he became the youngest ever Policy Advisor appointed to a French President’s Cabinet, and first Chief Digital Officer for the French government. He worked on tech policy, digital communications, and open data, with a strong focus on the future of education. His time in government, especially as the Arab spring demonstrated the power of social media to drive change, inspired him to build a global educational platform around the most fundamental, accessible, and effective type of educational content : books. With the vision that helping people read more and get more from what they read through peer to peer discussion would be an essential contribution to the future of learning. Nicolas holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and Political Science from ENS Ulm and Sciences Paris, and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris. He is a Global Shaper for the WEF, and an alumnus of the American Academy of Achievement

Thomas Ricouard

@dimillian Mobile
& Chief Enthusiasm.

Thomas is a mobile engineer, UX enthusiast and an entrepreneur. He started playing with computers at an early age and found a passion for building software for people’s delight. He founded and developed RavenCo, a web browser for the new internet age. He also built a social network and mobile discovery engine around movies called MySeeen, before he was hired by Google to work on Chrome for iOS. Thomas graduated with a BS Degree in Mobile & Web development.

Alexandre Chêne

@alex Front-End
& Rock’n roll

Alex is a frontend engineer and startup culture lover. He built his first rocketship at age 8, with Legos. He previously worked at Wavo, a social platform connecting music fans to their favorite artists, and built Getsub.io, the fastest way to find video subtitles on earth (and probably the galaxy too). He contributes to Github on several open source projects, and to the global skateboard community with his flashy pink board and unconventional style.

Margaud Quartenoud

@MargaudLiseuse Digital Bookseller &

Margaud’s the very first digital bookseller! She was trained as a bookseller both in independent bookshops and in the international cultural group Fnac where she specialized in Young Adult literature. On her spare times? She’s one of the most famous french-speaking booktuber! She loves foxes, tea, and you asking her book advice.

Arthur Darcet

@arthur Back-end
& Head Scout.

Arthur is a computer scientist, mathematician, and data strategist. He built his first computer at age 10. He worked at Eventbrite (San Francisco) on the fraud and risk team and Orange Labs (London) on web application prototyping, and back-end development. Arthur holds a MSc in applied mathematics from École normale supérieure with a specialization in machine learning and computer vision - as well as a MSc in computer science from École Polytechnique.

Garance Coggins

@Garance Editorial, Community
& Salon de Thé.

Garance won her first writing contest at age 16 and has been a published reviewer of digital art forms ever since. She built her first website at age 12 and has been an active member of digital writing communities since she was 13. Garance graduated in Literature and Writing from Ecole Normale Superieure and Oxford University. She is an alumna from Amsterdam University’s Digital Methods Initiative where she focused on the future of ebooks.

Anne Catel

@AnneCatel Product Designer &
Head of Typography.

Anne is Product Designer and Stephen King’s biggest fan. She’s loved studying books under their every aspects for as long as she remembers. She studied in two of the most prestigious art schools in France, Ecole Superieure Estienne and Gobelins School. She previously worked at Gutenberg Technology, where she took care of educational ebooks; and in Gobelins, where she focused on the latest design innovation about ebooks.

Jessica Petrou

@JessicaPetrou Writing, Research, &
never ending books

Jessica is a writer and assistant teacher. She graduated in economics and sociology from École Normale supérieure de Cachan, and EHESS. Jessica holds a PhD in economics from La Sorbonne where her research focused on the future of book copyright in the digital age, and new business models in book production and distribution. She teaches about new business models and consumer behaviors in the book space, and is an avid reader. Jessica is so passionate about her favorite authors that she refuses to read the last two pages of her favorite books to make sure the best books never end.

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