Glose for publishers

Distribute ebooks directly from your own website or blog thanks to our tools.
Or let us build a branded platform for you.

Glose is a end-to-end direct sales platform that offers easy, powerful solutions to a wide array of partners, from retailers to media companies, authors or book clubs. Pick the books you are interested in from our huge catalog, define what solution you want to distribute them, and we take care of the rest.

A flexible and scalable solution for direct ebook sales, thanks to cutting edge technology

Ability to white-label

Ability to white-label our next-generation web reader for clients, and have customers read on Glose mobile apps.

Robust API

Robust API to allow brands, retailers, and sites to distribute ebooks and media content from our platform. Use our digital content (books but also quotes and book samples) as widgets on your existing website. Or require a brand new web page for your distribution needs.

Automated data

Automated data and reporting back to clients and publishers, to control and improve ROI.

Multiple ebook formats

Handle multiple ebook formats including ePub 2&3, PDF, fixed format.

The best solution to power your direct sales.

One-stop shop

One-stop shop : Glose provides both a technology solution and book content from hundreds of publishers.

Flexible Solution

Flexible solution : we can handle fulfillment, sales & fulfillment, or customized platform. Free ebook distribution, gifts, discounts or full pricing : whatever you need.

Design and User

Design and User experience : beautifully designed sales and reading experience, very intuitive for readers.

Unique features

Glose platform enhanced with unique features like reader profile, automatic quote archiving, social annotations with rich media, and ability to build reading groups.

Community Building

Community building : beyond ebook distribution, we provide you with a collaboration platform that allows readers to engage in discussions through the books they read : perfect for entertainment and/or knowledge management.


Build communities

Build communities around your book(s) for group reading, and discussions around books.

Power your book club

Power your book club, team, company or school with great content from books.

Additional revenue

Drive additional revenue through site sales, exclusives, and new channels.

Gather data

Gather data on your users and their preferences.

Control your own future

Control your own future and how/where your books are sold.


How long does it take to implement direct sales?

For most simple solution implementations, we can have the pages, links, and transactions up and running within a couple of days. If you give all the information we need we can even do 24 hours.

What are the costs?

We take a percentage on the ebooks you sell via our platform. So implementing our solution is at minimal cost!

Can you white-label your web reader?

Yes, we can white-label our web reader for a brand or campaign. We can also embed the reader in whatever website or blog you want.

We work with multiple authors, websites, and targets. Can you deal with them all?

Yes, many large publishers, media companies, and agents have a number of significant authors and properties. Glose can handle multiple different scenarios (big or small) while still preparing consolidated backend reports and tools. So we could put up a landing page for your authors, a discount page for your readers, a private reading group for your clients etc... all under one roof.

Can you upload and distribute self-published content? Like custom training documents we want to distribute and share with our employees, or a memo we want to build a reading group around?

Yes, we can ingest corporate, self-published, and other content. Give us whatever format you have and we will upload it for you in whatever private or public page you want.

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