We build custom programs for brands, corporations, and book clubs who want to distribute books to their prospects, clients, and teams.

We build custom programs for brands, corporations, and book clubs who want to distribute books to their prospects, clients, and teams. We can put together any scenario you want (free ebooks, discounted ebooks, normal price) wherever you want in the world. We work with hundreds of publishers and have all the books you might be interested in! Whether you are a small organization or a huge company, a school or a university, feel free to contact us to know more about our bulk sales.

With Glose Bulk Sales you get

Redemption Pages

We provide a branded, dedicated web page where users can easily redeem eBooks and they can then read on their computer, tablet or smartphone. We make these branded web pages responsive, beautiful, and easy to navigate.

Web & Native device

Redeemed eBooks work safely and securely on the Web, iOS and Android with our cutting edge award-winning Glose reading app.

A great community building
experience for readers

Our platform lets your clients read on all devices, but also engage with eachother through shared highlights and annotations, reading groups, and smart conversations. Every reader can be a contributor to the book with text or media content. Perfect for team work, studying or book clubs.

Learn from your
readers with data

Collect data feedback to feed your marketing strategy, build a list of faithful clients, and improve your content.


How do we work with publishers on bulk sales?

Glose distributes content from thousands of publishers. To work with us, start by contacting us to sign a distribution deal with us so that we can onboard and sell all your ebooks. That costs zero. Once that is done we sell your ebooks to end-users with and take care of everything : we handle the entire transaction for both publisher and client, and we pay the publishers accordingly each month. For bulk sales we just discuss a percentage on book sales with you - that often depends on the volume of books and complexity of the operations. Putting everything up takes a few days at most.

Where can people read books on Glose?

Glose is a responsive website available on all computers, tablets, and smartphones at www.glose.com. We also have native mobile apps : Glose is on iOS for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android phones and tablets, Nook, and Kindle Fire. Our technology synchronize readers' activity between devices : readers can pick up where they left off on any device, save and sync their highlights, notes, and bookmarks.

What's the redeeming process for my readers when they go through Glose to read my ebooks?

The redemption process is super easy : we build custom landing pages for your campaigns and readers can use their redemption code (or special links) to access their ebook. We just ask for their name and email address and they go straight in the book from there. It's super efficient and converts very well.

Can multiple eBooks be offered?

Yes, we can power any scenario : one free ebook only, several free ebooks from a given list, one free ebook in a list of 5 options, offers limited in time or volume... We can build whatever scenario you want, and handle as many books as you need.

Does Glose provide customer service?
Yes we have a cutting edge customer service powered by Intercom - with response times averaging less than an hour. We are also always available at hello@glose.com, help@glose.com and Twitter : https://twitter.com/Glose

Can our authors work with Glose for book tours, special events, speaking engagements, and book signings?

Yep. We designed our solution specifically for that purpose : remove the friction from book promotion and create great tools to power the author/reader conversation. We build custom landing pages, blogs for authors, content for their social media, redemption and special sales scenarios etc... We even built an app to enable authors to do digital book signings anywhere, anytime. Contact us and see what we can do.

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